Penomet Penis Pump

Everyone’s heard the old mantra of “size doesn’t matter.” And while it’s true that outstanding skill far outweighs the size of a man’s package, let’s be honest. How many of us are actually outstandingly skilled?

penomet penis pump. . . Exactly. Almost no matter how you look at it, size is going to matter. Even if you’re just that good, size can’t hurt. Unfortunately, size isn’t something you can train or buy.

The penis isn’t quite like your biceps or back muscles – lifting isn’t exactly going to help that much, the fact that it’s not possible aside. This is why many men stay shy about their size for their entire lives and never seek out ways to address it.

There are reliable natural ways to go about at least attempting to increase one’s penis size, however.

Most pills are useless (any pill that could make that significantly bigger would cost way more), surgery is expensive and only occasionally successful, and other options are sparse. But, there’s one thing not on that list that’s worth investigating – the Penomet Enhancement Pump.

It’s a tool that promises to add length, girth, and strength to your erections. Sound good? Let’s take a look.

How Pumps Work

The idea of a penis pump is pretty straightforward. It’s a chamber into which one places the penis, seals against the pubic bone, and pumps the air out of. The resulting vacuum chamber slowly pulls blood into the penis (bringing about an erection). Thanks to the laws of physics, the more air that gets pumped out, the more intense that erection will be.

It’s possible to induce erections involving blood vessels not normally engorged, which, in effect, “trains” the penis to be harder, longer, and fatter. So, the basic idea behind pumps is to induce an uncommon size by force. But how does that help you get bigger without the pump?

internal structure of the penis

Well, it takes time, but getting your penis accustomed to erections involving active blood vessels that aren’t normally engorged eventually leads to those vessels finding themselves engaged when the pump is not in use. This means you’ll notice a gradually longer and thicker erection, so long as you use the pump consistently and properly.

The gains of size here are not quite in the realm of, oh, five extra inches, but they can definitely be substantial.

And even before size increases become prominent, the strength of your erections will become noticeably greater, because more blood is finding itself in more places, leading to a much, much harder erection that probably couldn’t have been easily accomplished without induction from the pump.

Penomet Pump, Does it Work?

So that’s the theory, but the question as to whether the Penomet pump actually works is still an open one. After all, for any of those results to manifest, the pump has to be of high quality and great construction.

Luckily, users of the Penomet Enhancement pump find it to be not only extremely well constructed, but also made of high-quality materials.

More importantly, the pump proves itself to be in its performance. Users note that the vacuum chamber never unseals, and that they’re able to maintain the erection for as long as the device is on because there’s never any chance for air to make it back into the pump.

That compounded with the fact that the Penomet pump has a very gradual pumping mechanism make it a pleasant experience for most men, so the Penomet at least passes initial tests: It’s definitely capable of bringing about all the benefits promised by a good penis pump.

Testimonials also suggest that the Penomet does do its job. Users have reported consistent increases in girth (ranging from 0.5” – 1.2”), definite increases in size (an average of about 0.6”, but up to 1”), and quick and definite increases in erection strength and persistence.

According to users, one of the most surprisingly pleasant effects of using the Penomet for most men was this last one – an erection that is literally as hard as a rock is just as pleasurable, if not more pleasurable, than knowing your penis is a little bit bigger. Not to mention, an extremely hard erection often means a lot more to a woman than a somewhat bigger, somewhat hard penis would, so this is a huge boon for users of the pump.

Real visible difference in the first 15 minutes you use Penomet


Penomet device now comes with as comfort strap for extra comfort. The comfort shower strap allows you to be hands free during your workout.

It is available FREE with Penomet Premium package. If opt for other penomet pump packages, you can buy the comfort strap for $19.95.

Choice of Colors?

Choice Of Colours

Now, You can buy Penomet in your favorite color. The devices is now available in following 6 colors:

  • Clear
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Violet
  • Pink


  • Stronger erections and more satisfying sex
  • Helps you gain between 1-3 inches in length with a 30% increase in thickness
  • Helps you to increase your sexual stamina
  • Straightens Bent Penis
  • Help those suffering with Premature Ejaculation or Peyronie’s Disease
  • Will help boost your self confidence
  • Helps in preventing Erectile Dysfunction
  • One year money back guarantee so your purchase is safe

Click here to read more about benefits of Penomet pump

Additional Uses, Applications, and Benefits

The Penomet Enhancement Pump doesn’t only have to be used in the context of enlargement. It has also been used by men who suffer from erectile dysfunction to “retrain” the penis.

Frequent, hard erections maintained for a long period of time in the vacuum chamber can help reduce the prominence of a man’s ED issues. It’s not quite a cure, but it can definitely make the condition more manageable for anyone suffering from it.

Men suffering from premature ejaculation issues can also benefit from use of the Penomet Enhancement pump. While it’s true that it’s not a sex toy and can’t help with sexual stamina the same way such toys would, a strong erection maintained for a long time can sometimes be just as powerful a way to combat the condition, since the body gets used to maintaining an erection for longer than it ordinarily would, and “learns” what constitutes a proper length of time.

How to use the pump?

Step 1: Choose appropriate gaiter as per your experience. if you are just starting with Penomet, choose the purple gaiter

Step 2: Attach the gaiter to the pump’s cylinder

Step 3: Slide the penomet pump over your penis

Step 4: Gently pump penomet device few times until a vacuum is created

Step 5: Keep the device for few minutes. If you are just starting out, you may need to remove & repump every few minutes or whenever you feel any pain

Step 6: Repeat the steps for few times lasting 20-30 minutes

Step 7: As you get comfortable with the pressure, increase the gaiter strength

You can also find recommended exercises on the site. Just keep in mind, you should not follow the exercise blindly if its hurts. Keep adjusting the exercise time as per your comfort level

The Bottom Line

The Penomet Enhancement Pump is an all-natural, safe, and well-constructed way to go about attempting to increase penis size. It’s true that adding inches to your penis is extremely difficult and might even qualify as a pipe dream in most cases, but the Penomet is a promising tool that has pleased many men.

Even if it does not work for you in adding girth or length, it’s almost guaranteed to give you much, much harder erections, which is just going to make everyone involved that much happier.

All things considered, the Penomet is a great thing at least to try: There’s a lot to gain, little to lose, and users seem thrilled with their experiences, for the most part.


Customer Reviews

With my first pumping session my intention was to progress through all five gaiters starting with the Force 60 (purple) and finishing with the Force 80 (red). Well, I never made it past the Force 70 (black), the vaccuum pressure from the gaiters surpassed my expectations. Let me tell you, the Penomet pump is a seriously powerful system, I am truly impressed.. With the pump systems impressive strength I have to resist the urge to move up in force levels.

Active user on mattersofsize forum

I recommend you to try Penomet penis pump, it is a natural way for your penis to grew inches, you don’t need to take pills or go for penis surgery…..

Active user on pegym forum

The Penomet complete system is the best choice if price is not a matter. If you are a PE head and love modifications, this system will be the best choice. Super-sets have so much more meaning in an environment where the gaiter strength can be increased with each set.

Active user on mattersofsize forum

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9 Responses to “Penomet Penis Pump”

  1. Raoul says:

    I have been using this pump for last 4 weeks. I do not see much progress. Dont know whether I should continue using the 65 gaiter or should use higher gaiter. I am hoping that this pump will help me gain some inches.

  2. Steve says:

    can you let me know where I can buy penomet.. Is there a number that I can call to order. I need to order from UK.

    Thanks much

  3. Thomas says:

    I got my Penomet yesterday.
    When I pour water into the penomet, it leaks out of the valve. Is my penomet broken? Or did I miss something in the instructions

  4. John says:

    I am happy with my purchase of Penomet. I love the quality…

    I used to get rashes due to the gaiter but managed that using some vaseline. I do see immediate increase in girth. How long before I see increase in length?

  5. Jon says:

    I bought the standard Penomet because I’m on a budget and extremely skeptical about penis pumps. I’ve been using it for four days now, and each day using the device is getting a little bit better. I didn’t quite understand how to use it at first because the directions were not terribly clear (i.e., which end of the gaiter points up, what the odd shaped end of the gaiter is for, or where it goes, pumping, creating suction, etc). And it hurt me at first– not my penis, but the pelvic region– which you totally get used to after a few days and then the discomfort disappears. Now, so far as increases, after only four days? Well, this is the reason I decided to comment– it actually seems to be working. After each 20 minute use I’m actually seeing very modest increases. I haven’t measured anything, because I’m totally lazy, but I notice each day my penis seems just a tiny bit thicker and a tiny bit longer. Girth, which I really needed badly, more so than length, seems to be where the majority of my increase is, and that’s a good thing. I’m assuming length will come later? Either way,
    The flaccid size of my penis each day, even with just a modest gain each day, tells me this thing is working. Just the other day I was changing underwear and lifted up my penis for a moment and noticed it felt heavier in my hand (9 or 10 hours after I pumped) than it usually does. I take it this is a good thing. I can’t speak to permanent gains since this is only day four and everyone is talking 8 weeks or more for permanent gains, but I have a feeling this is really, truly going to work for me. Hopefully it will for all of you guys too. My penis is/was average at best– maybe even a bit under average, and from
    what I can tell, that’s going to change! I recommend giving it a try.

    • jonarodriguez says:

      @Jon, thanks a lot for sharing your feedback. Yes, the pump does help in nice gain in both girth & length. Following daily routine & using pump everyday will definitely help achieve permanent gains.


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