Impotence – What is it?

Impotence & its treatment

Impotence is said to affect up to 30% of men in the United States. It is actually the most common erectile dysfunction disorder.

Men experience impotence at various stages of their lives, However the frequency of such incidences increases with age.

Impotence is defined as the inability of the man to attain or to sustain an erection long enough to allow for meaningful sex. It can cause a man to experience erection that is too painful, too weak or too brief.

Impotence as defined on Wikipedia, “Erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence is sexual dysfunction characterized by the inability to develop or maintain an erection of the penis during sexual performance.”


Impotence can be caused due to many reasons either physical or emotional.

Physical causes can be attributed as diabetes, neurological disorders, poor penile blood circulation, drugs and medications, penile diseases, blockage of blood vessel among many others.

Emotional or physiological causes include anxiety, low self esteem, sexual incompetence fears, depression & poor relationship with your partner.

Impotence Treatment?

If impotence is untreated for long, it will get worse and lead to anxiety, which is itself a precipitator of erectile dysfunction.

Usually, there are two types of treatment for Impotence, non surgical and surgical treatment.

Surgical Treatment

Most of the physical causes of impotence are treatable.

Technology advancement & new approaches in this area have led to up to 95% success rates with 30-40% of the men being able to regain sexual function.

Some of the surgical options to treat impotence are:

  • Implants – these include penile prostheses or implants into the penile muscles. The implants are made to be inflatable, malleable, hinged or rigid.
  • Arterial reconstruction-this is for those people whose penile arteries are blocked or damaged in some way.
  • Venous surgery- this involves the repair of the valves that allow blood to keep flowing back to the body prematurely and thus impair erections.

Non Surgical Treatment

Some of the non conventional treatments include external stimulus to pump blood into the penis. The user then applies a ring on the penis to obstruct the flow of this blood back into the body. This helps the user sustain the erection. Such treatment is to be used once a day before sexual activity however is not convenient.

Most common treatment of impotence usually involves medication & the use of drugs. Such treatment can include medication to treat any other cause that may be indirectly affecting the libido.

There are various oral drugs, injectables, ointments available for the treatment.

The most used drug is Viagra that relaxes the smooth muscles of the penis thus increasing blood flow into the penis. Other over the counter medication include pills like MaleExtra & VitaliKor, which help in attaining harder erections, improves stamina & increases sex drive.

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