Abnormal Penis Shapes and Treatment

Abnormal Penis Shapes

Penis deformity and abnormal shapes can be caused by quite a number of factors. In most cases the condition may be a result of one cause but all the same, the fowling are the medically proven causes of penile deformity.

Abnormal Penis Shape Cause

Penile narrowing

Penile narrowing is caused sometimes by use of vacuum pumps and penis hanging weights and in fact, the long-term effects of this can be fatal, damaging the whole organ. In most cases if the weight used is too much, then there is a very high possibility that the penis will become narrower despite the fact that it will become longer.

The mistake men make is that they think length is more important than width which is not always the case with women.

Penis fracture

Penile fracture is one of the severe forms of bending injury that is evident on an erect penis and more often than not occurs when a membrane called the tunica albuginea tears due to given reasons. The tunica albuginea tissue surrounds the corpora cavernosa, which is a specialized spongy tissue forming the core of the penis.

It is this core that fills up with blood during an erection. When the tunica albuginea tears, the blood filled in this space leaks out into other tissues leading to bruising and swelling.


Phimosis is a persistent condition that is attributed to adult males. During Phimosis the tight foreskin of the penis occurs after puberty or the age of 18.

Traction-based penis stretchers such as Size Genetics extenders have the best effective capacity in the correction of the condition and are now certified by leading medical practitioners. The extenders are used in providing the best means to widen the penis fore skin.

Penis curve

Penis curves are actually the abnormal bends in the penis that is more often profound during erection. Penis curves can be caused by either of the following causes or a combination of some

  • non-fitted clothing
  • Trauma / injury
  • Peyronie’s disease
  • Sleeping on your stomach
  • Hypospadias
  • Dupuytren’s contracture
  • Inborn cause (congenital curvature)
  • Urethral stricture

Peyronie’s disease

The Peyronie’s disease causes a lump or scar tissue to be formed along the erectile tissue which holds the blood in the penis in an erection. The hardened area or plaque caused by the disease inhibits normal stretching and can affect negatively the size and shape attributed to the erect penis.

Peyronie’s diseases may be caused by trauma, genetics or auto-immune causes or a combination of these factors.

With all said and done the main causes of penile deformities and abnormalities are more related to the use of penile weights, vacuum pumps and inappropriate enlargement measures.

In case you are looking for a safe, cheap and clinically proven option, traction-based extender devices such as SizeGenetics or MaleEdge will makes sure that indeed you get a natural and safe remedy to other alternatives.

Peyronie’s device is a specifically designed products that focuses on correct curvatures and helping against peyronies disease

The effectiveness of the penile extenders has been proven in many studies and it is today one of the few cheap and effective remedies that can be used to address the condition once and for all.

Early diagnosis and treatment of Peyronie’s Disease

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