Are Penis extenders a good alternative in increasing penis size?

Sexual intercourse often seems a very easy activity and particularly the way it has been portrayed by celebs in the recent years. In the real sense, sex is not an ABC activity or an elementary school entry exam.

Sexual Problems

Many men out there have been trying to put up with some very strong sexual disorders both psychological and physical; and just to mention but a few, some of the common ones have included erectile dysfunction, pre-mature ejaculation among a host of other conditions.

Whilst all these are real and indeed very adverse conditions, the most prevalent one is the size & length of the penis, which in most cases, many men feel is less towards maximizing the sexual desires of their partners.

Men have always been looking at anything small starting from a car to a phone, but when it comes to bedroom matters; the penis is best if its large and more often than not, many have even extra effort & spent money just to increase the length a little bit more.

Available Solutions


The common pills that have been advertised as significant in transforming sexual relations are one of the few options available in the market and even though they are effective in bringing harder and stronger erections, they are not a long term measure.


The good thing is science has brought a diversity of solutions; Penis extenders which aside from the fact that it achieves effective results; it falls under the category of long term solutions.

The reality is the diversity of extenders available will give you different options to choose from and you can indeed try different brands or just stick to one or two. With a good quality extender, there is a very good chance to increase the size of your penis by a few inches.

Penis extenders & penis pumps have proven to be very effective and the best alternative to surgery.

Furthermore, extenders also help in dealing with penile curvatures and therefore it is literally killing two birds with one stone.

Extenders are also safe compared to surgery and also, they are affordable and safe. Before buying any penis extender, it is important to make sure that whatever you are buying is certified.

A good background research would help you do that in any case. There are brands that come as a complete package and aside from having the extender itself; there is also other items that would help in the entire process.

Some of the additives include supplements, creams and penile exercise guidelines to help in the entire process and surprisingly, all this is affordable indeed.

Hydro pumps / Enlargement pumps

Pumps are also known to help in penis enlargement. Though the results may take longer than with Penis extender, they do have their own benefits.

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Researching penis extenders & Pumps

Penis enlargement is probably most searched topic in men’s health. This is such a popular concept that there are many looking to cash in on this idea, meaning that you cannot inherently trust everything you see. There will be those attempting to sell you a product which simply does not work, and others who will send you nothing at all.

The problem is that those wanting to purchase these items will feel a certain sense of embarrassment about doing so – no one wants to admit that they are not happy with their penis length, and so will go to greater lengths in order to obtain items that claim to help.

This can mean going through shadier websites and routes to obtain it – something that would not normally be done, and as such they fall victim of scams.

If you are looking to buy Penis extender, you should not be drawn into purchasing them in an insecure way. This will only lead to difficulties, as you are more likely to become victim to a scam, ending up regretting the purchase later if what you buy does not work, or if nothing turns up.

If you simply observe caution though, everything should be fine.

Things to look for when buying Penis Extender / penis pump

When looking for penis extender, you should check for the following points:

  • Spare parts – Spare parts are most important when buying penis extender. Usually penis extender have many parts like extension rods, comfort straps etc. If any of the part breaks or is damaged due to wear or tear, you need to have the spares in hand. Without the spares, your extender would be pretty much useless.
  • Ease of use & Instructions – Most of the extenders seems / claims ease of use however in reality users find it extremely difficult to wear such extenders. You need to ensure that the extender comes with either the video instructions or manuals. Also check for information on how to wear the extender & see if wearing the extender would be easy.
  • Money back guarantee – A good quality extender would always provide money back guarantee. If you don’t see any guarantee being offered, just stay away from such extenders. Also its best that you verify the return policy of extenders with money back guarantee.
  • Extender weight – Try & get information on the weight & the build quality of the extender. There is no point buying an extender if its going to be uncomfortable & you are not able to wear it for long time. After all, the more you wear the extender, the faster is the enlargement process.
  • User feedback & review – Last but not least, user feedback & reviews are also important. You should always check for user reviews & feedback on any extender that have passed the above conditions.

    You may find negative reviews however do not judge a extender because of feedback from one or two dissatisfied users. After all you do not know the real reason for such users. If majority of users are satisfied then it makes sense to go with that extender.

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