Enlarge Penis Using Your Hand

Penis Enlargement Exercise at Home

hand penis exercisesThis method in the most inexpensive way to enlarge your penis. This method is actually not a secret and many people are actually doing this in their respective homes. You can actually enlarge your penis using your hand and that is absolutely true.

I am going to share how you can do this at home.

Things you need for the exercise

1. Towel
2. Lubricant
3. Your hand
4. Your Penis

Now here is that you are going to do.

1. Put the towel in a warm water. WARNING: Warm water. Make sure it is NOT hot! and you could tolerate the temperature when you wrap it around your penis.
2. Make sure your penis is in a semi erect point.
3. Sit properly. Now cover your penis with the warm towel.
4. After a few seconds of warming up your penis, lubricate your penis
5. Then gently rub/squeeze your penis moving your hand towards the head.
6. Squeeze it upward, downward, left to right.
7. Do this gently and slowly. Put a little pressure. Its like you stretching your penis gently.
8. Repeat this process as long as it is comfortable. and make sure your penis is warm.

There you have it. But this is just the beginning. It’s only an introduction. This may enlarge your penis, but not permanently.

For details on how you can enlarge your penis using your hand permanently I suggest you try the Penis Health program. It’s the best penis enlargement program around.

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  1. ajaz kamboh says:

    My penis is to small and little.
    I want it large and fat so what should i do ?


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